The best website value – Guaranteed!

We offer a number of service guarantees and commitments to delivering our customers a premium level of service.


These are the standards we expect of ourselves, and it’s what we believe our kiwi business legends deserve.


Design guarantee

Website design guarantee

We provide a money-back guarantee on all our website designs.

Because every business is different, we create a customised design brief based on your unique business position.

We then combine your requirements with our website expertise to create a website design specific to your business.

Usually we get it right first time, however, if you don’t love your design, we’ll work with you to achieve a design that works best for both you and your customers.

We’re so confident that we’ll deliver you a design that fits your business, that we offer a full refund of any payments made to us, if we don’t receive a design approval from you.


Learn more about the key aspects of design:

Website presentation


Performance commitment

Proven fast websites, guaranteed speed performance

We deliver fast, high performing websites.

So much so that we currently average a 99 in Googles independent page speed insight tests - this is well above Googles "page performing well" expected standard of 90.

We also use independent speed tests to check load times, with a website average time to fully load of 1.9s

This means our Clients websites are fast now and also at the leading edge of user experience going forwards.


Learn more about why faster websites deliver better returns:

Website speed


Mobile-friendly commitment

Guaranteed responsive mobile-friendly design

We make responsive mobile-friendly websites.

It is essential that every business website is fully mobile-friendly - this means that they are customer friendly and display professionally at all device sizes (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop).

Every website we make is both mobile-friendly and fully responsive. We back this up with Google’s mobile-friendly test, and also test for display layout on our website responsiveness emulator that checks how a website looks at 16 common mobile device sizes.


Learn more why being mobile-friendly is critical in 2020:


Page and statistics were last updated on: January 2019.
Speed and performance metrics based on averages across all launched websites since January 2017.
Google PageSpeed Insights tests performed at Think With Google

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