By the numbers - Our proven performance

Successful small business websites strike the right balance:

Getting value for your investment is critical to any business.

We strive to achieve the right balance between performance and budget, here are some of our service highlights:



Customer feedback:


Website met expectations

We provide all customers with the opportunity to complete a confidential feedback survey once their website has gone live.

When asked to rate how successful we were at "Creating a website that met expectations" we scored 10/10 across all the responses.


Providing quality support

We know how important it is to receive quality support with your website.

With our feedback survey we've received a 97% approval rating when asked to rate how successful we were at "Providing good support and being treated well"



Mobile friendly

Being Mobile-friendly is vital, and we've score a perfect 100 for every website we've created as assessed by Google's mobile-friendliness tool.

We don't stop there however, with every new website tested at 16 standard device sizes to ensure a professional display everytime.

"People are 5 times more likely to leave a site if it isn't mobile-friendly." - Google

Website Speed:


Our websites are FAST!

"Nearly half of all visitors will leave a mobile site if the pages don’t load within 3 seconds." - Google

Customers want to see websites load in under 2s, but very few web companies achieve this. Slow websites cost customers and enquiries.


Google tested speed performance

We've also benchmarked with the Google's PageSpeed Insights tool.

Every site launched since over the last two years has been tested, with 100% of our sites passing both the Mobile and Desktop speed score.

Google requires you to achieve a score of 90/100 or better to pass, our tested sites we're averaging 98.7!



Dedicated, reliable hosting

We've invested in our own dedicated state of the art NGiNX hosted servers.

NGiNX accelerates content and improves security, and we have consistently achieved outstanding reliability and performance.

The independently assessed uptime for the last month was 100.00%.



No Setup Fees

Forget the large capital outlay, and get a website worth thousands of dollars. We deliver proven quality websites as a small business price.

All our plans offer a simple monthly fee, a minimum period of 24 months and come with no setup costs.

Plus all plans are backed by our happy customer guarantee! - what more could you ask for?


AdWords for small businesses

The average daily budget for 90% of our clients is just $7.18.

This is because we specialise in making the most of your online advertising budget with a flat affordable monthly management fee.

100% of your Ad Placement campaign goes to your campaign budget.

This page and statistics were last updated: January 2019.
Speed and performance metrics based on averages across all launched websites since January 2017.
Google PageSpeed Insights tests performed at Think With Google
Website load time speed tests performed with Web Page Test and GT Metrix

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