What makes for a successful website?

The 4 keys to online success

For most New Zealand businesses, a successful website is one that creates a positive perception of your business and delivers quality customer enquiries direct to your door.


If we look at high functioning websites in 2019, we can break this down into four key areas that help determine the health of your website and how effective it is in delivering a positive return on your investment.



Get mobile-friendly

These days it’s critical that your website is mobile-friendly. That means a reactive design that displays well no matter what device is being used (phone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC).


By becoming mobile-friendly you make your website available to twice as many people as your competitors who are not mobile-friendly.



Attract visitors to your website

Quality content is now more important than ever.

By optimising and improving the quality of your website content, you will set yourself up for improved performance in Google search results.


This is because when you improve your Google rank for keywords appropriate to your business, you attract a bigger volume of potential customers to your website. By ensuring you have a reactive design (responsive), you can ensure this content is delivered effectively to the widest audience.



Build credibility with your audience

Interesting content attracts and engages new visitors, however it’s also important that you are building credibility at the same time.


There are a number of facets to building trust with clients, starting from a unique and professional presentation, through to key page content and website performance.


When you create credibility and trust you are reinforcing that you are the sound choice to provide your visitors with the services and products that they need.



Convert visitors into customers

Conversion pathways tie everything together. Ideally you want your website to flow from your home page to your unique content (which reinforces the credibility of your company), and finally through to your call to action – think of it as a pipeline of sales leads.



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